Shae BaxterHello there. I’m Shae Baxter and I’m a classic introvert.

I’m also shy.

Well I used to be way more shy than what I was. But so much so it’s been a struggle for me throughout my entire life – notably my career, relationships, love life and social situations.

Which brings me here with you and why I started this blog.

In 2009 I started my first blog as a way to express myself in ways I couldn’t in my job and in my personal life.

I was hooked and I knew that this “blogging” thing was definitely my thing.

I was so pleased to find something that was perfect for an introvert.

I’ve always had a quiet disposition and I was frustrated at the time that I felt I had to be someone different than who I truly was, especially at the workplace.

I used to live my life by default meaning that I had no real direction or control over my life.

My twenties were a haze and I was literally scared of life and people.

I thought I had to accept what life handed to me.

I worked in jobs I disliked immensely and I was never comfortable working in the corporate world.

But a few years ago I discovered that we really do have the capacity to create our own reality and that we don’t have to accept how things are.

More important, I discovered we can shape our own destiny and it’s up to each of us to paint our own beautiful canvas.

Oh the things I wish I could go back and tell my 21 year-old self.

This blog is not about living a life of regrets.

Now in my 30’s, I’ve come to accept I am an introvert (and a little shy) and that there is NOTHING wrong with that.

I embrace being an introvert and I play life to my strengths.

That means I now have my own business and I choose to be around people that support and accept me for who I am.

And you should too.

I want to help other introverts (and ambiverts) that often feel misunderstood and confused, especially to navigate social situations.

I know it can often seem that the world caters to extroverts but you ARE worthy and you have many talents and skills the world needs.

Your employer, peers or your relatives might not see them in you but others will.

You’re not alone and I hope you will find solace in this blog during those times you feel lost and scared when it seems the world does not nor wants to understand you.

Don’t be shy (ha) and say hello. You can find me hanging out at Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.