Why Introverts Should NOT Be Forced To Talk In Class

A few years ago I wrote a post on my first blog about the struggles I had being an introvert.

At the time, I enrolled in a digital marketing course through ADMA.

It was a course I put myself through and paid for. I was working in a role that did not require me to learn or even understand digital marketing but I knew it was the way of the future.

(You’re reading this right?)

forced class participation

Introverts should not be forced to talk in class

The course ran for 12 weeks and it was full of corporate types.

I remember feeling so small and insignificant because the majority of people worked for these amazing global companies whose bosses were PAYING for them to be there.

I worked for a little known association and I was forking out a LOT of my own money to do the course.

After the first night I came home feeling so annoyed and disillusioned because I found out a small but significant percentage of the course was graded on class participation.

I thought to myself, “WHY?”

And what did this mean exactly?

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